Weather in Pattaya

Pattaya lies towards the top of the Gulf of Thailand and the influence of the sea means that the weather here differs from northern, southern and in-land Thailand. The climate in Pattaya rarely sees any large temperature differences throughout the year, with the average temperature being 29°C. However, the weather pattern follows a different one from the Western four seasons – there are only three seasons here, the ‘cool’ season, the hot season and the rainy season.

Cool season in Pattaya

The majority of foreign tourists visit Pattaya in the cool season, which runs from November to the end of February and into March. Although it is called the cool season, expect temperatures to be in the 30s (90s°F) during the day and well above 20°C at night. The climate is tropical and humid most of the time, so you won’t need a sweater even on the coolest evenings, which occasionally dip to the low 20s. This is a great transition for many escaping from the Western winter, although long exposure to the sun and heat can cause initial problems until one becomes acclimatised.

Hot season in Pattaya

From the end of February the weather really warms up in Pattaya, to becoming unpleasantly warm and sticky during the April-June period. Although the sea helps to alleviate some of the effects, the temperature can get up to the 40s and, being a coastal city, the humidity is also high. Unless you’re used to serious tropical heat, this is not the best time to visit Pattaya. The humidity is a great drain on everyone here at this time of year. Sometimes there is a bit of rain to clear the air, although that is the exception rather than the norm at this time.

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Pattaya rainy season

South-Central Thailand does not usually get the full effects of the southwest monsoon that is felt by most places further north in Thailand and in the south at the end of May, but Pattaya still gets its fair share of rain at this time of year. The rain tends to come in hour-long downpours as opposed to raining non-stop, and some streets flood if it is heavy, taking an hour or so to clear. In Pattaya very few people brave the torrential rain, but just stay where they are, wherever they are, until it stops, which is only usually for a short time.

Rain during June, July and August does tend to dampen down the heat a bit, but just a short time later the humidity can be unpleasant again. The temperatures tend to stay in the low 30s by day and night during the May-September rainy season with high humidity (90 per cent). Inland, away from the sea, mosquitoes can be a problem.