Pattaya Hospitality Guide

Entertainment is the key word in Pattaya. Most things are based around it and it’s often not for the faint-hearted. In the last 30 years or so, the town has mushroomed into a large, modern resort with a famously-vibrant bar scene that is usually full of friendly girls (and guys), yet there are also hundreds of restaurants representing all corners of the earth along with bars of every description and a number of large nightclubs and shows. It’s the naughtiest resort area in Thailand, with the authorities content to let Pattaya attract horny, single men roam it’s go-gos and beer bars. There is, though, something welcoming for all.

Pattaya’s transition from fishing village to party town has not gone without consequence and, in this case, negativity tends to be geared towards the unremitting construction of buildings and the infamous, booming sex industry. The latter could give the impression that only a certain kind of tourist feels at home here, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Families will find many activities to entertain their kids and shouldn’t be put off by the resort’s somewhat seedy reputation, as it can easily be avoided and ignored.

Pattaya has the greatest concentration of hotel rooms in all of Thailand, from the ‘anything-goes’ right among the action, to five star luxury with fantastic views of the bay…more

Thailand’s naughtiest city offers a fun-filled night out, whether you’re into pubbing, clubbing, picking up bar girls, or simply people-watching; there’s something for everyone…more

Food is an obsession in Thailand and Pattaya has endless restaurants scattered all across the city, offering plenty of delicious spicy Thai food and popular international cuisine…more

Travel the romantic old way on Thailand’s ageing and sedate rail service, to Chiang Mai or Surat Thani. The overnight sleepers are perfectly comfy and safe if you’re not in a hurry…more

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Pattaya a go-go

Hotels are plentiful to suit all budgets and tastes, whether you’re part of the many package tours, liable to bring home a late night guest, or intent on avoiding both. You can spend the day being pampered in a spa, or find yourself welcome among the city’s large gay crowd. Entertainment and hospitality is essential to Pattaya tourism and we have it all covered in this section.

Pattaya is all about fun, and whatever your interpretation of that word may be, you can guarantee you won’t have to look too hard to find it here.

No doubt about it, Pattaya attracts the punters, and its sex scene is one of the city’s main drawcards. The local tourism officials will rightly point out the more respectable side that does exist in Pattaya, but let’s face it, many of you have come for the girls and boys who work in the bars, right? 

On this site we tell it like it is, from where it happens to how it works and what it costs. We’ve tracked down the soapy massage parlours, kept up-to-date with going rates, and describe the bar girl scene for the benefits of newcomers. This way there’s no misunderstandings, rip-offs, or short-changing of the people who earn a living in the bars.