Pattaya Nightlife Guide

Pattaya is internationally famous for its nightlife, and has a reputation as Thailand’s naughtiest city. Many flock to Pattaya for the party atmosphere, where the nightlife characterises the city and self-gratification is on the menu wherever you go.

Whatever you are looking for, Pattaya nightlife has it all, from pub restaurants with sedate music to go-go bars, packed discos, and world famous transsexual cabaret shows. Pattaya is also a great place for a pub crawl, with very little distance between them, and many different bar types located together.

The most famous nightlife area of Pattaya is Walking Street, South Pattaya. It is wall to wall bars and from the early evening until the next morning it is closed to vehicles. The street itself, and its adjoining lanes (known as sois), are all packed with discos, go-go bars, massage parlours, beer bars and restaurants. It is crowded daily and the noisy bustle attracts folks from all over.

A walk down the street gives a visitor an eye-opening experience of what Pattaya nightlife is all about. Apart from the ubiquitous girlie bars, Walking Street has a number of nightclubs and discos which have opened in recent years, reflecting the younger demographic of the tourists who are coming to Pattaya. Most of the action continues until at least 02:00 in this area. Many of the discos and nightclubs, and some of the beer bars, manage to stay open until much later (or earlier).

Central Pattaya – around sois 7 and 8 – is not as raucous as South Pattaya, but there are still a mass of beer bars, restaurants and other bars to contribute to the nightlife in Pattaya. This is an area that used to be frequented by many of the foreign residents of the city, but other areas have taken that mantle. The open beer bars are more suited to a combination of drinking and chatting, although competing music is usually played at high decibels from many of the bars. As with all bars in the town, girls will happily sit with men if provided with a drink.

Can you bring someones back to your hotel?
Some hotels don’t mind you bringing someones back to your room as long as you are discreet, while others forbid it or will try to charge you extra. To save you the embarrassment, we’ve enquired with all of them and listed those that are suitable for bachelors: see the list, rates and booking here.

Pattaya night life guide

Nightlife in North Pattaya is similar to the experience of sois 7 and 8. There are clusters of beer bars on Second Road at the corner of sois 4 and 3, while the top end of soi 2 has always been a popular beer bar area. Further along Second Road, towards the Dolphin Roundabout, is another cluster of beer bars.

There are also restaurants and pub-restaurants with a variety of music, from Thai folk to covers of modern Western rock and pop performed by local bands. North Pattaya is also home to the famous Alcazar Cabaret and the even larger Tiffany Cabaret; both of which feature beautiful transsexuals who mime to old and modern music while dressed in glitzy costumes. These remain very popular with tourists.

The gay nightlife scene in Pattaya is centred on two main areas: Boyz Town, in Pattayaland Soi 3, and stretching across to Pattayaland Soi 1. There are also a couple of places in Pattayaland Soi 2. This noisy, popular area has many gay go-go bars and beer bars. Sunee Plaza is a 10-minute walk from this area and located off soi VC Hotel. It is similar, but quieter and more private. Gay bars can also be found in other parts of Pattaya that cater to a more mixed crowd in usually quieter settings. The Jomtien Complex, an area off Thappraya Road, has a large number of gay bars as well as a superb selection of restaurants. The northern part of Jomtien Beach (known as Dongtan Beach) is another gay meeting area.

Apart from the raucous side, Pattaya also has a number of other night-time venues. Thai kick-boxing, known as Muay Thai, can be seen at many bar complexes scattered around Pattaya. These do not host events every night, so it’s best to ask at your hotel for information on where to go on a particular night. Pattaya also has two cinemas featuring English soundtrack movies. These can be found at Big C in North Pattaya and The Avenue complex on Second Road, opposite Soi 13/1. Pattaya’s bowling alleys can be found at Jomtien, on Second Road (North Pattaya), upstairs in the Tops supermarket complex on Central Pattaya Road, and in South Pattaya. Ripley’s Believe It or Not (in the Royal Garden Plaza) also opens fairly late, with a number of entertaining attractions in addition to its bizarre exhibitions.

Meeting horny local girls for free:
Most ‘bachelors’ visiting Thailand opt for the easy solution of visiting go-go and girlie bars, but there are also lots of regular girls who aren’t prostitutes that are keen on meeting foreigners for a fling. Hundreds of lonely and horny modern city girls go looking online for sex with visiting or resident Westerners; no strings attached. They aren’t expecting money or a boyfriend and haven’t been with scores of other men. The best place to meet these girls is on Adult Friend Finder, where there are more than 10,000 registered Thai female members.

A visit to Pattaya can be made all the more enjoyable by settling down for a few drinks in Daokai Bar on Second Road. They open at 16:00 every day and there are around 25 sexy Thai girls propping up the bar at all hours of the day. But there are plenty of other Pattaya nightclubs listed here for those that want to find that special someone whilst in town.

Simply people-watching along the Pattaya bay promenade can be an entertaining and more low-key way to enjoy the nightlife, although you are likely to be accosted constantly by freelancing bar girls and transvestites, who can be quite annoying with their persistence. It’s all part of Pattaya’s atmosphere, though. There are however, plenty of decent, quiet restaurants and pubs to hide in if the whole scene becomes a bit too appalling to your sensibilities.

A simple rule of thumb as to whether you can take a visitor to your room without being charged by the management is the price of your room and the location of your hotel. Places that are located in the heart of the nightlife zone, that is, the majority of hotels along Beach Road – starting at Soi 2 in North Pattaya and down as far as the Bali Hai port area, all the sois in between, most of the places on or off Second Road and, certainly, along Soi Buakhow – are usually amenable to customers entertaining ladies, men, or even ladyboys, in their rooms. Most hotels that come with a price tag from 2,000 Baht per night can be touch and go. The best way to check for sure is simply ask before you book a room.