Expat Living in Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the most popular places in Thailand for foreigners to settle. Although many regard it as a sleaze pit, around 40,000 expats have made this lively seaside town their base in Thailand. The beach life, plentiful foreigner-friendly services, and a relaxed party atmosphere contribute mostly to its allure.

Living in Pattaya has plenty of advantages; it is just over an hour’s drive from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, and just a little further to Bangkok, for one. It also has a well-established infrastructure to cater to Westerners, along with many bars and restaurants, as well as comfy condos, business services and range of activities like golf and water sports.

Important aspects of living in Pattaya:

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Cost of Living
Pattaya can be a cheap stay in paradise or a money-burning extravagance, depending how you live; find out how to live cheaply or tear up the streets…more

Finding a decent pad in Pattaya isn’t difficult; there are plenty of condos under development, or you can retire to a house in the suburbs…more

Speaking Thai
You can get by without it, but Thai isn’t difficult to learn the basics and will open up many doors. You’ll get ripped off less and more smiles from the girls…more

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More on living in Pattaya

Living in Pattaya is popular because it is one of the most rapidly-developing areas in the country, especially from a property perspective. There are plenty of jobs in the area for foreigners, as well as business opportunities in the city, which itself is more progressive than most other places in Thailand.

Let’s be honest, the majority that come to Pattaya do so for the abundant nightlife; in particular the availability of women (or men, Pattaya is gay-heaven). This gives Pattaya’s crowd a bit of a sexpat image, attracting mostly middle-aged men, but it would be wrong to stereotype the place. It is quite feasible to ignore all this and spend your time in refined bars, plush malls and upmarket residential areas, or, indeed, lounge on a quiet Naklua beach while planning your afternoon’s golf or spa session.