Medical Tourism Pattaya

More people are coming to Thailand than ever for medical reasons to take advantage of the excellent hospitals and clinics, as well as the great savings that can be made in the healthcare world in this part of Thailand.

Medical tourism in Pattaya is popular owing to its top-flight hospitals, savings made on quality medical treatment, the cheap cost of travelling to and around Thailand, and, last but not least, the great beaches and buzzing nightlife of Thailand’s busiest resort town.

The top hospitals in Pattaya are on par with good private hospitals in Europe/USA, and tourists are surprised by the range of services that hospitals in Pattaya offer…more

Many US-trained dentists have set up clinics in Pattaya and this resort town has some of the best in Thailand, with tailored services and state-of-the-art facilities for residents and tourists…more

Health Checks
Pattaya hospitals offer a range of health checks for visitors, from basic physical examinations to full heart, liver and kidney tests. The whole process is easy-going and prices affordable…more

Cosmetic Surgery
World class cosmetic surgeons were typically the domain of Bangkok hospitals, a mere 90-minute drive away from the capital…more

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Many visitors who choose medical tourism in Pattaya are mostly interested in getting their teeth fixed, with options for cosmetic surgery, having an extensive health check up, or treatment of a particular health issue also on the agenda for others. All of these points can be dealt with much more cheaply here than they can in the West and with the added bonus of the trappings of Pattaya.

While Bangkok is the leading medical tourism destination in Thailand, the top hospitals and dental clinics are more expensive than those in Pattaya, plus many people prefer the more laid-back nature of this beachside city. Pattaya has the allure of the beach, along with its English-speaking doctors, nurses and dentists in the top establishments.