Dentists and Dental Services in Pattaya

Pattaya has loads of good dentists that are generally set up to deal with the influx of foreigners who come to Thailand to holiday and have their teeth done at the same time. Many dentists in Pattaya have spent time in dental schools overseas, usually in the UK or the US, and speak good English. The best thing about dentists in Pattaya is the savings made.

For example, you can be in and out for a check-up in 30 minutes for less than 600 baht, or let the dentist talk you into an extra hour of teeth whitening for around 8,000-10,000 baht. The clinics are modern, clean and professional, with experienced dentists in Pattaya using up-to-date technology. Look in any of the local tourist magazines and you’ll see plenty of dental clinics in Pattaya advertising to tourists.

Teeth whitening in Pattaya

Teeth whitening is undertaken by all main dental clinics and hospitals that deal with foreigners. Laser treatment is the best and fastest method for getting teeth white, yet is also the most expensive at 10,000-12,000 baht.

Other methods for whitening teeth include using gels and special whitening toothpaste, though these options take much longer, yet cost significantly less at only around 4,000 baht for the full treatment.

The latest technology in Pattaya for teeth whitening is UV bleaching, which is over in a single, hour-long session, is painless and safe, and costs about 8,000 baht. If you have crowns inserted you are advised to first get your teeth whitened before matching colour on the crowns, otherwise you will be confined to yellowy crowns and no teeth whitening.

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Dental crowns in Pattaya

As with tooth whitening, dental crowns in Pattaya are a popular treatment option for tourists. Also known as dental caps in the UK, they are made of plastic, porcelain, or porcelain/metal combination and are mainly employed for aesthetic reasons to rectify discoloured or misshapen teeth.  

People who have minute cracks in their teeth can also have dental crowns to solve the inevitable ‘sensitive teeth’. Price comparisons for dental crowns in Pattaya and the West is about half of the UK and a third (or even a quarter) of the US. They are made in local laboratories and are usually ready after two days of sunning yourself on a Pattaya beach.

Pattaya dental clinics

Dental For You: This medium-priced dentist in Pattaya has lots of experience in the field, with English-speaking staff, a comfortable atmosphere, and fast service. Open: 10:00-20:00; 111/65-66 Moo 10, South Pattaya Road, tel: (038) 724 215.

Pattaya Smile Dental Clinic: One of the top dentists in Pattaya, specialising in cosmetic dentistry. Dentists here are accredited in using advanced equipment to offer a range of services, including whitening, crowns, veneers, and implants. Prices are steep for Thailand but the quality is good. Open: 09:00-20:00; 111/57-8, Moo 10, South Pattaya Road, tel: (038) 724 145, emailwebsite.

Central Pattaya Dental Centre: Undertaking all types of general and cosmetic dentistry, including laser tooth whitening, Central Pattaya Dental Centre is a leading Pattaya dentist. Deals on laser whitening are good, as are those on all-ceramic crowns. Open: 10:00-20:00; 418/19-20, Central Pattaya Road, tel: (038) 195 654, email, website.

Doctor Smile Dental Clinic Pattaya: Another popular Pattaya dentist with lots of experience in dealing with foreigners and cosmetics. Orthodontics is a speciality here and the prices are reasonable. Open: 10:00-20:00; 111/72 Moo 10, South Pattaya Road, tel: (038) 723 733, email, website.