Health Checks in Pattaya

Having regular health checks in Pattaya is a must for making sure your health is up to par and getting peace of mind as you age. If a disease is detected early enough, you stand much more of a chance of recovery before symptoms develop, where therapy and any counselling can be started early. Aside from expats who live in Pattaya, it’s a good idea for visitors to consider having a health check done since it’s so much more affordable than back home, and the quality of health professionals is world class.

Everyone should ensure their health by having a check-up, but especially those aged 40 years and up. If you are under 40, it is recommended you have a medical at least once every three years; every two years up to the age of 50 years, and every year thereafter. These are offered professionally at hospitals in and around Pattaya, with packages specially assembled for visitors and performed by staff that speak good English and meet fussy Westerners’ expectations.

Health checks in Pattaya range from a basic physical examination and consultation, including pulse, weight, eyes, and ears, up to a full-blown medical. This could include a complete blood count, chest x-rays, an MRI scan, diabetes tests, kidney and liver functioning, urine examination, electrocardiogram (ECG), and liver cancer checks. In addition, there are specific health checks in Pattaya for males and females. Women over the age of 40 should get regular mammogram examinations, while men should have their prostate checked out, for instance.

Magnetic resonance imagery (MRI) scans are preferable to x-rays and can be performed during a health check in Pattaya. Cardiac stress tests are also popular during extensive health checks in Pattaya to determine the blood flow of a patient’s heart. Depending on the depth of testing, the whole lot can cost as little as 3,000 baht.

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Most Pattaya hospitals offer varying grades of health checks and you will often find promotions being offered by Bangkok Hospital Pattaya (Sukhumvit Road, North Pattaya) and Pattaya International Hospital (Soi 4, off Second Road or Beach Road in North Pattaya, not far from the Big C shopping centre). The best thing about health checks in Pattaya over health checks in the West is the price, where you can make up to 80 per cent savings.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is the number one hospital in this region of Thailand, treating hundreds of thousands of patients every year. Patients come here for medical tourism from all over the world and basic health checks go from around 3,000 baht to full male/female-tailored checks up to 90,000 baht.

Pattaya International Hospital is another top Pattaya hospital that does a full range of health checks and comes with a dental clinic and fully-equipped operating theatres, to boot. Phya Thai hospital in Sri Racha (off Sukhumvit Road, on the right hand side past the Robinson shopping centre) is also highly recommended and offers a wide range of health services at high standards and is usually even cheaper than its Pattaya counterparts.