Property and Real Estate in Pattaya

Pattaya is a well-known destination among Westerners, especially those attracted to Thailand by the pleasant and relaxing retirement opportunities here. Close to Bangkok’s international airport, Pattaya went through a buoyant property boom between 2000 and 2006 and offers many options for those willing to buy property. In addition to being a popular tourist destination, it attracts plenty of retiree foreigners, part-time expats and those working for multinationals on the booming eastern seaboard.

With new development projects mushrooming near and within the city, the choice of real estate is wide and diverse. From condominium units (condos) to single houses and villas, the property industry of Pattaya is both sophisticated and developed. Although it is dominated by luxury condos, there are residential houses available, presenting great value for money. Those interested in investing in Pattaya property will find good opportunities buying off-plan, although demand dropped off after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

In this section we cover various aspects of the Pattaya real estate industry.

Buying Condos
The biggest sector of the Pattaya real estate market for foreigners, with a wide selection of modern luxurious buildings to choose from, suiting all budgets – legal ownership…more

Buying Land & Houses
An option to live in a smart property for some with Thai partners, and an excellent way to create a dream tropical lifestyle of your own, but where to look and what to look out for…more

Investing in Properties
A good prospect here in one of Thailand’s most robust property markets, with good growth and stable outlook – take your time to know the industry’s good and bad …more

Real Estate Agents
The essential key to real estate in Pattaya, with numerous companies to service your needs according to foreigner expectations; here are some reputable suggestions…more

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Under Thai law, foreigners are not allowed to own land in Thailand. They can only purchase up to 49 per cent of a condominium building, as a single entity or combined. Those willing to buy, or build, their own house usually do so via their Thai spouse or business partner for proxy ownership.

There remains a risk of losing control of your asset, however, and a good, reputable lawyer should be employed for the process of acquiring Pattaya real estate.

Buying property in Pattaya is a top option: the expatriate community is large and well supported by an infrastructure of Westerner-friendly services, excellent healthcare, international schools, plenty of entertainment and international restaurants, clubs and social groups, a professional property services industry, agreeable weather and, of course, the beach. This all makes it easier to find tenants for property in Pattaya.

Many companies are involved in the property market, and finding an English-speaking agent is easy. However, make sure your agent is competent as they will be the key to your success in buying the property of your dreams in Pattaya.