Renting Serviced Apartments and Condos in Pattaya

Pattaya is close to Bangkok and offers pleasant beaches and modern amenities, providing residents with a quality lifestyle, thanks to its seaside environment, professional services, and support network. Popular as a weekend getaway from Bangkok and close to the international airport, Pattaya attracts plenty of part time and full time foreign residents and is supported by a professional property industry. Condos and serviced apartments dominate the property sector here.

There are international schools and top-quality health facilities, shopping malls, a plethora of international restaurants, and a renowned nightlife. Renting apartments and condos in Pattaya is thus a sensible way to experience the city if you intend to stay longer. Rents are affordable and offer good value relative to your home country, and condos are usually modern, clean and well fitted out.

Finding Pattaya serviced apartments for rent is easy: look online or in the local media where apartments for rent are well advertised. You could also contact one of the many local real estate agents. The range is wide, from studios to two-bedroom apartments, and even penthouses. Renting condos in or near Pattaya city centre is naturally more expensive than the more remote projects. Generally, you will find better options in Jomtien Beach (quieter), Naklua (upmarket) and the North Pattaya area. Many condos have sea views and are close to the beach whether Central, North or South.

Usually, serviced apartments within the city are well fitted with modern amenities to match a Western lifestyle. Modern buildings provide collective amenities, such as laundry, swimming pool, and even health centres. A uniformed guard is at the entrance, monitoring who comes into the building, which provides a sense of security, albeit more for show. How furnished the apartments are in Pattaya depends on the owner; some are true serviced apartments and obviously rent for much more, although furnishing yourself is not difficult since there is a wide selection of good value furniture suppliers in Pattaya.

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Condo staff are typically helpful and handle daily problems, such as payment of phone or electricity bills. If maintenance is needed, you will have someone to report to, which can be very convenient, especially if you are not fluent in Thai. Maintenance can be a problem in some of the older Thai-dominated buildings, while many of the newer condos in Pattaya are managed by foreigners and meet their tenants’ expectations.

For short-term residents in Pattaya, renting serviced apartments is an easier option than renting a house. Landlords don’t mind signing condo rental agreements for short stays, although be prepared to pay a hefty deposit – typically two months deposit and one month’s rent upfront. It is important to bear this in mind when planning your budget.