Pattaya Travel Guide

Pattaya is an energetic city, evident from the pace that strikes you when you arrive. For sure, it’s a party city more than a quiet coastal destination, with plenty of activities both night and day. However, you can escape to idyllic, nearby islands, or take the family to one of the amusement parks, get in a round of golf, have fun with watersports, go shopping, do the spa ‘thing’, or enjoy the fun and slightly naughty night scene. We’ve got it all covered here.

Tourist information is freely available in Pattaya, and although best obtained online, your hotel or myriad travel agents and tour operators can also oblige. With around four million tourists every year, Pattaya provides activities to suit all age groups and tastes, with many daytrips available by boat or car to surrounding attractions.

Pattaya has an array of popular sights and it is worth getting a local guide to take you around the best of it; you’ll be surprised at what this modern city offers…more

Pattaya nightlife is the main reason the place is so busy with visitors. Why not get stuck into the bars and clubs, or if that’s not your cup of tea, even the people-watching is fun…more

All sorts of fun choices can be had in Pattaya, from jet-skiing and banana boating to more measured pursuits like fishing, diving and sailing; it’s all available in Pattaya…more

Shopping is always great value in Thailand, and Pattaya has its fair share of malls, night markets, boutiques and souvenir vendors everywhere…more

Shopping is a great attraction in Pattaya for the tourist, with shopping malls and a profusion of smaller shops and cheap market stalls.

The numerous bars and restaurants in Pattaya ensure that the nightlife is always lively, and the fun-loving Thais are very good company at any time of day or night. Restaurants often cater to all tastes, too.

The English newspapers and magazines are full of interesting and creative ideas for the tourist; information includes local news, events and festivals, places to visit and where to eat. Local cable TV networks have Pattaya-based programs at different times of the day and these can be useful in working out where you might like to go, or what events are upcoming or ongoing in Pattaya.

As well as the beach life here, which includes swimming, diving, parasailing, jet-skiing and fishing, the choice of over 20 golf courses, plus other diverse activities, are enough to ensure that most people visit more than once.