Fishing in Pattaya

Surprisingly, fishing in Pattaya is a recommended and rewarding activity that is gaining popularity. Several local companies are satisfying big game fishing desires among the throngs who come to Pattaya for other reasons, plus there is also the choice of spear fishing, freshwater fishing, kids fishing trips, and even competitions.

From Pattaya, ocean fishing trips typically fish for sail fish, queen fish, barracuda, marlin, cobia, shark, and sting rays, among others. Freshwater fishing in Pattaya is also very good, and Thailand is considered a world hotspot for carp. Local lakes and fishing ponds are well stocked with this species, as well as tilapia and catfish up to 30kgs. November is considered the best time of the year to go fishing in Pattaya.

Charter sea fishing trips leave early (06:00), but generally charge a daily rate for the boat (about US$350), so it’s a good idea to get a group together. Some companies might put together a boat for individuals, but it’s not usually a well organised network among tour agents as game fishing is still catching on.

Boats typically take six people, and the fishing isn’t limited to experienced fishermen. Women have been known to land some impressive fish, but you do need to be fairly strong and fit to fight a shark. For conservation purposes, however, be prepared to cut and release when you land some species, particularly shark.

An alternative, if you don’t care to charter a whole boat and potentially come back empty handed, is to join the daily casual fishing trips offered by some companies. They tend to fish shallow, offshore waters for smaller fish.

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Spear fishing is also offered by some diving companies and this is a completely different experience, but you do have to be an experienced diver in possession of a PADI certificate.

Fishing competitions also take place monthly and these can be quite fun. For more details, you will need to enquire with local fishing companies, as dates vary.

Pattaya Fishing is perhaps the most recommended and organised outfit in Pattaya for fishing and has a good programme of options as well as a good reputation.