Pattaya at Night

Pattaya is famous for its nightlife, loaded as it is with beer bars of all description, a profusion of go-go bars and live music venues, and plenty of large discos that open at 22:00 and go on until late. The evening in Pattaya starts early, although many visitors tend to dine later (between 20:00 and 22:00) as things don’t really kick off until tenish.

Pattaya also has many attractions for all tastes and pockets. There are plenty of international and Thai restaurants, along with street stalls, while Thai massage and foot massage is also in evidence, as is shopping – think big malls to night markets and street vendors. Of course, there’s always the promenade of Pattaya Bay, which is good for an evening stroll. Mind the ladyboys!

The centre of night activity is Walking Street. Everyone visiting Pattaya will likely check out Walking Street, and the traffic congestion on Beach Road often means that it’s quicker to walk the last 100m rather than wait in traffic. Walking Street is at the southern end of Beach Road and is a neon-lit extravaganza, with bars and restaurants galore – the seafood ones are often being perched on stilts over the sea. Walking Street is pedestrianised after 18:30, nightly.

Thai boxing goes off every night at several venues, and these are liberally advertised through flyers and posters. Street life is part of Thailand’s culture and you’ll be amazed by the numerous food stalls on the surrounding sois (alleys). Souvenir sellers and market traders set up wherever they can, along with street artists and performers. Bars spill out onto the lanes of Beach Road, providing a lively atmosphere and some unbeatable people-watching. Whether you want a really good seafood meal or just fancy checking out things from an open bar, you’ll likely see a cosmopolitan crowd in a (generally) friendly environment.

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There are many other areas of Pattaya that are just as alive at night. Sois 7 and 8 feature bars and live entertainment galore, while Hollywood disco (South Pattaya Road) is a favourite being easy walking distance from Walking Street. For ladyboy cabaret, Tiffany and Alcazar have effusive shows three or four times an evening that are particularly popular with Eastern tourists, who often go there in groups.

Pattayaland is a good for gays, and there are many good Western eateries and girlie bars in the area, to boot. As an aside, the mall on the southern end of Beach Road has a Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum as well as an entertainment centre complete with rollercoaster simulator and movie house. They all open to late.

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The many restaurants, bars, go gos, and discos in North Pattaya and Jomtien at night mean that many people staying in these areas don’t need to come into the centre as similar facilities are available locally. However, the bustle of Walking Street will tempt most people for at least one night out.